Paul R.

Paul Resenhoft

Executive Chef

Paul started his culinary journey at the age of 13 taking French style cuisine cooking classes with his mom. He soon joined in with the ladies in those classes and became very outspoken and passionate about learning the amazing techniques involved with food.

His career started in Houston, Texas with various restaurants such as TGI Friday’s, to opening the 13th Cheesecake Factory back in 1995. His combined 32 years in culinary along with 22 years as a chef/director of food and beverage for corporations such as the Cheesecake factory and Yard House set him apart from others in the food industry.  

He has always believed that food makes friends and we first eat with our eyes. He considers himself a food artist and believes food needs to be built, to show its quality and pizazz.

He never thought about the health care side of the food industry until 2011.  Before this, he had never known such a rewarding, pleasurable experience in the food industry. In the assisted living industry, the sky is the limit.  Paul states that it is his honor to serve our residents and challenge himself to treat our residents to the best dining experience possible.